Berkshire Granite Rockfaced Natural Stone Steps

Berkshire Granite Rockfaced Natural Stone Steps are light gray granite steps quarried in the Northeast. These steps go well with our entire line of bluestone products.

Picture of granite stone steps in our stoneyard

Berkshire Granite Rockfaced Natural Stone Steps Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Berkshire Granite Rock-faced natural stone steps

Stone Description

Light gray granite steps with a rock-faced front edge. Will last centuries. Quarried in the northeast.

Stone Color

Light gray

Stone Finish

Sawn on all 6 sides and then a chiseled (Rockfaced) front edge is created.

Stone Coverage

Precisely cut to 6" heights, Widths are typically 3'

How It Is Sold

By the total square feet of step surface area. Each step is measured at the saw house and pallets are marked with total square footage of all pieces on the pallet.

Natural Stone Steps Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

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