We are not sure what else to call this category. We have over 1,500 different products on 10 acres and we get shipments from our own quarries and dozens of quarriers. We do get very unique and unusual stone from time to time. These gems can fall into any number of product categories, including some that we're not really sure what to call. We are constantly amazed at the creativity of people and how they use these unique pieces. Shown below are some examples. The bottom line is if you have a unique application for stone, and can't figure out where to get it - please call us or stop by. There's a chance we could have it or get it. Also, if you are the kind of person who can see something and then figure out where or how to use it - these "Pot Luck" stone products may thrill you. Included below are some examples of what we mean.


What are these? They could be steps, bench or seat rocks, custom fireplace hearths, placement rocks, curbing, or something we can't even imagine - but you can. They were sold so we no longer have them but this is what we mean - one-of-a-kind stone that was the perfect fit for someone's project.


These are Chapel Ridge slabs. They could be used as treads (they would have to be cut) or a landing pad at the base of stairs, or they could be used as a stone coffee table top or any other number of possibilities.


This reclaimed stone curbing, and they could be used again as curbing, or they could be bench rocks.


These are rectangular granite blocks that could be used as seat rocks, or set upright as columns, or any other number of possibilities.


These are reclaimed brownstone steps - and it is highly likely that they were from one of the original quarries that supplied brownstone for New York City townhouses.

We hope this gives you some idea of what we mean by "Pot Luck", it is stone that either has no obvious use, or stone that has multiple uses, and it is up to the creativity of people to find the perfect use for this unique stone.