Pacific Blue Natural Stone Steps

Pacific Blue Natural Stone Steps are blue-gray steps sawn top and bottom and sawn/chiseled on 3 sides. Pacific Blue Natural Stone Steps could be considered a replacement for bluestone steps - they are a bit darker and have less blue. These are 6" tall steps and the color is blue-gray but there is some speckling in it.


Pacific Blue Natural Stone Steps Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Pacific Blue Natural Stone Steps

Stone Description

This stone is snapped on a stone guillotine to yield somewhat rough edges but smooth tops and bottoms that are not slippery.

Stone Color

Medium gray, uniform color

Stone Finish

Edges are snapped to yield a somewhat rough finish, top and bottom are smooth and not slippery. The look and feel of the stone is very clean and elegant.

Stone Coverage

6" riser heights, 4 feet wide, 18" deep.

How It Is Sold

By the square foot.

Pacific Blue Natural Stone Steps Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

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