Brownstone Walkway and Patio Stone


Full Stone Name

Brownstone pattern walkway and patio stone.

Short Description

Not from the same quarry as the famous New York brownstone, but this is a light brown stone that is strikingly beautiful - especially when wet.

Stone Color

Primarily light brown, with much deeper brown tones when wet. Accent colors can range from black to tan.

Stone Finish

Slightly textured surface that is not slippery.

Stone Coverage

Pieces are cut to exact dimensions so coverage is dependent on how much you buy. Brownstone pattern is 1" thick.

How It's Sold

By the pallet. Limited single pieces may be available in an open pallet in the yard, but we strongly prefer to sell this stone by the pallet.

Long Description

Many of us think of brownstone as a building stone used in row homes in major cities throughout the northeast, and at Wicki stone we often have reclaimed stone from some of the original brownstone quarries. This walkway and patio stone is actually imported and is a sturdy stone with wonderful brown, black and chocolate variations in the color. The color gets much deeper when the stone is wet and the variations in the accent colors become more prominent. An easy stone to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

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