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Tumbled Bluestone Wall Stone

Tumbled Bluestone Wall Stone takes squares and rectangles and tumbles them with an abrasive filler. The result is that the sharp edges of the stone of chiseled off as are occasional pieces on there top and bottom. The tumbling instantly adds a desired aged and weathered look to the stone. These are uniform height pieces off stone so a wall is extremely easy to build with Tumbled Bluestone Wall Stone as compared to many other types of wall stone. Color is the blues, grays and earth tones of full range color bluestone. Goes great with the full compliment of bluestone product lines we offer.


Tumbled Bluestone Wall Stone Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Tumbled Bluestone - Palleted Wall Stone

Stone Description

Traditional bluestone tumbled to soften the edges. Dimensional pieces - uniform thickness. An extremely easy stone to use for wall building.

Stone Color

Blue-gray with occasional earth tone accent colors

Stone Finish

Square or rectangular picks of 1.5 to 2" thick Bluestone are tumbled to soften the edges. This immediately provides a more aged look to the finished wall.

Stone Coverage

A typical pallet of wall stone covers 18 to 20 square feet per pallet of wall surface area. A pallet produces a wall 2' high and 9-10' feet long - or any combination of height / length that equals 18 to 20 square feet.

How It Is Sold

By the pallet.

Tumbled Bluestone Wall Stone Photo Gallery

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