Natural Stone Step Types

6" Sawn Steps with River Washed smooth edges

We Have One Of The Largest Natural Stone Step Selections In The Region.

Not only do we have over 20 types of steps to choose from we typically have a deep inventory of most steps on site. You can typically choose your steps and take them with you, have them picked up by your contractor or have them delivered by us. If you are looking for stone steps for your next project? We urge you to come to Wicki Stone and experience the full range of steps and other landscape stone products we offer. Our natural stone step types are summarized in the 5 basic finishes detailed below.

Picture of natural stone steps for sale in NJ

We sell steps with 5 basic finishes
1) Natural - completely natural finish on all 4 edges and top and bottom
2) Natural Edge - sawn top and bottom but with completely natural edges
3) Snapped - one or more edges snapped by our stone guillotine, natural top and bottom
4) Dimensional - sawn all 4 sides and top and bottom, can have rock-faced finish
5) Reclaimed - Wide range of types and finishes 

1) Natural Steps


Completely natural edges and completely natural top and bottoms. This is how they come out of the quarry - they have not been sawn or guillotined. Ideal for the most natural looking steps. Thicknesses can vary. Sold by weight. We sell 4 types of completely natural steps.

Bluestone Natural Steps
Karney® Natural Steps
PA Colonial Natural Steps
Rainbow Natural Steps

Rainbow steps shown in above picture. See our full collection of steps here (Main Stone Steps Web Page)

2) Natural Edge Steps (6" sawn heights)

Sawn top, natural edge bluestone steps

Completely natural edges and the tops and bottoms are either sawn or guillotined. Most often a 6" tall, although custom heights are possible. The smoother tops and bottoms make it easier and potentially safer to walk on - recommended for steps where you still want the natural edge look but want a smoother top to walk on. We sell 4 types of natural edge steps.

6" Sawn Height Bluestone Natural Edge Steps
6" Sawn Height Bluestone River Washed Edge Steps
6" Sawn Height Karney® Natural Edge Steps
6" Sawn Height Indian Hill Natural Edge Steps
6" Sawn Rainbow Natural Edge Steps

Bluestone Natural Edge steps shown in above picture. See our full collection of steps here (Main Stone Steps Web Page)

3) Snapped Steps

An example of our snapped edge bluestone steps
Snapped edge stone step
Example of what a snapped edge can look like

A stone guillotine snaps the stone into steps with modestly irregular edges. The look is natural, but there are more predictable edges to the step. The edge lines are straighter than natural edge steps, which can make the steps easier to use for all ages. The tops are either sawn and then thermal treated for texture, or the tops are snapped. Typically 6" thick although there can be variations. The perfect balance between natural look and straight edge steps. We sell 3 types of Snapped Steps.

Bluestone Snapped Steps
Limestone Snapped Steps
Tennessee Crab Orchard Steps

Bluestone Snapped steps shown in above picture. See our full collection of steps here (Main Stone Steps Web Page)

4) Dimensional Steps (With or Without Rockfaced Edges)

Full size photo of dimensional Karney Steps
Example of a dimensional step - without a rockface edge.
A photo of our sawn thermal rockfaced bluestone steps
Example of a rockface edge on a stone step.

Precisely cut on all 4 sides and top and bottom. Can be the best option when a precise fit is needed - such as steps that rise up through a rock wall on both sides. Edges and the top surface are flame treated (thermaled) to provide a lightly textured surface. We sell 2 types of dimensional steps.
A) Sawn All 6 Sides
B) Sawn All 6 Sides with Rockfaced Edges

Bluestone Dimensional Steps (No Rockface)
Karney® Dimensional Steps (No Rockface)

Bluestone Steps With Rockfaced Edges
Brownstone Steps With Rockfaced Edges
Midnight Steps

Karney® Dimensional steps shown in above picture. See our full collection of steps here (Main Stone Steps Web Page)

5) Reclaimed Steps


Reclaimed steps can come from a wide variety of sources in many different types and sizes. It is hard to categorize them other than they have been somewhere before - most often at demolition sites of old homes or buildings. We typically have a good selection of reclaimed steps but specific types come and go - it is best to stop by in person. Reclaimed stone can give a building project LEED points. We sell 3 types of Reclaimed Steps.

Reclaimed Brownstone Steps
Reclaimed Limestone Steps
Reclaimed Granite Steps

Reclaimed Brownstone steps shown in above picture. See our full collection of steps here (Main Stone Steps Web Page)