One Of A Kind Stone

As one of the largest, most unique stone yards in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas we constantly come across one-of-a-kind stone. We can’t really even explain what one of a kind stone means. It could be a stone bird bath, a stone bench, a reclaimed stone column, a particularly unique boulder or moss rock. We always have a great selection of unique stone pieces that can enhance any landscape or building project.

We frequently have reclaimed architectural elements like stone columns, or stone ornaments. We typically have some unique bench rocks, and boulders. Beyond that we can’t even guess what we may have next.

We’ve collected this particularly unique stone in a few areas of our 10 acre New Jersey stone yard. They are fun places to explore and you can typically find a stone treasure. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind stone – Wicki Stone is a great place to visit.

Learn more about some of the other one-of-a-kind stone we have in our Specialty Stone section here!