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Decorative Landscape Gravels are most often used as a replacement for organic mulch to finish off planting beds. Decorative Landscape Gravels offer the distinct advantage of never decomposing so if applied properly they can last for a very long time. In addition, they can be used as a walkway or patio stone, a driveway stone, in water gardens or dry stream beds, and as a decorative topdressing in drainage areas. We sell the following decorative landscape gravels, all are available for pick-up or delivery at our Great Meadows, NJ stone yard in Warren County, near both Passaic and Bergen Counties.


3/8" Red Gravel


3/8" Premium Delaware River Gravel


3/4" Red Gravel


1-3" Premium Delaware River Gravel

Note: We sell 2 types of Delaware River Gravel - Premium and Standard. Premium has more colors and more vibrant colors - especially red pieces. Standard is less colorful and less expensive.


3/8" Standard Delaware River Gravel


River Ovals


River Coping Stone