The Perfect Wall Stone?


We Sell A Great Combination Of Stone That Together Could Be The Perfect Wall Stone For Your Project


The walls shown above and below consist of two different stone types. The blue-gray stone is called Snapped Bluestone Wall Stone and the tan to brownish stone is called Snapped Karney Wall Stone. The two can be used individually for a rock wall or they look great when mixed together. Look through the next few pictures and learn more about this wall stone combination.

What we feel may be the perfect wall stone - for homes and offices
Example of an ideal wall stone combination for colorful stone walls
Karney stone and Bluestone stone wall

You can see from the above pictures that a colorful stone wall is the result of mixing these two different snapped stones. You can adjust the color of your wall by choosing different ratios of each stone. A typical starting point is 2 pieces of one color and 1 of the other color. Two pieces of snapped bluestone and one piece of Karney® results in a lighter gray and silver wall. The reverse results in a slightly darker more tan wall. Some people mix 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ratios of the two wall stones.

Easy To Construct Stone Walls

Snapped stone is used in each of the pictures above. What does Snapped Stone mean? It means that raw slabs of stone ranging in heigh from roughly 2 to as much as 8 inches is passed through a stone guillotine and cut. The stone is positioned so that the cut pieces are roughly square or rectangular. With reasonably uniform starting heights and the guillotine cuts - the stone ends up being extremely easy to work with. It goes down, and then stacks quickly - even for beginners. It produces textured but reasonably uniform wall faces - pieces don't jut out or in. Some hand tooling to cut back edges can be helpful as is some shim work with thin pieces of stone used to raise pieces, but generally speaking Snapped Wall Stone is extremely easy to work with.

How It Is Sold

At Wicki Stone in Great Meadows NJ we sell snapped bluestone and snapped Karney® wall stone in pallets or in bulk (loose form).

The End Result

If you use this combination of snapped wall stone then you end up with a subtly colorful wall - it is not monotone. It is a strong wall - the weight of the stone is substantial. The final wall instantly looks aged like it has been there for awhile. This aged characteristic can give any landscape a classic, timeless look. We often have customers tell us it was the perfect wall stone combination.