Tundra Gray Marble Stone - Walkway And Patio Stone - French Pattern

Outdoor marble example for walkways and patios

Full Stone Name

Tundra Gray Marble Stone or Tundra Gray Marble French Pattern Walkway, Patio and Pool Deck Stone. Available in 1" thickness only.

Short Description

A Marble stone suitable for outdoor use due to it's textured (not smooth) surface. Distinctly light colored - will not retain heat like darker walkway, patio and pool deck stones. French pattern means a series of sizes (typically 4 or 5 different sizes) that can easily be arranged to give more of a tile effect of varying lines and staggers.

Stone Color

We feel it is whitish. There are grays and blacks but this is a lightly colored stone that shows a lot of white for an outdoor product.

Stone Finish

Treated with a flame to add texture to a sawn surface. Results in a slightly textured surface that is not slippery.

Stone Coverage

Pieces are cut to exact dimensions so coverage is dependent on how much you buy.

How It's Sold

By the piece or pallet.

Long Description

This is marble (Marble begins life as limestone, which is a soft stone made primarily of calcite. Under heat and pressure caused by magma or the tectonic plates, this limestone begins to recrystallize, changing the texture of the rock and causing the calcite crystals to grow and interlock. link). This is a marble that works great outdoors in walkways, patios, pool decks porch decks, spas, kitchens and more). The stone is a lighter color - distinctly white to many people and so it does not get as hot as a darker stone. This is great for areas with full sun and little air circulation - darker stone can get uncomfortably hot). The French pattern consists of a limited number of sizes. 4 or 5 different sizes allows you to create a repeating or random pattern that more closely resembles tiles, rather than a traditional uniform pattern stone finish. The stone is slightly textured on the surface to reduce how slippery it is when wet. The color veins, gradients, splotches are impossible to describe because they are so varied. Collectively they provide endlessly interesting effects on a landscape or construction project. This is a beautiful unique stone that can really add a unique, creative element to the right space.

Frequently Asked Questions

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