PA Colonial Large Irregular Walkway and Patio Stone


Full Stone Name

PA Colonial Large Irregular Walkway and Patio Stone

Short Description

Same stone as our PA Colonial Regular, except larger pieces. Beautiful aged look to the stone right off the pallet.

Stone Color

A mix of grays and browns with unique accent colors on select pieces.

Stone Finish

This is natural stone that is not processed in any way. The surface can range from smooth to rough.

Stone Coverage

Pieces are typically 2-3" thick, and average coverage of a pallet of this thickness is roughly 60 square feet.

How It's Sold

By the pallet.

Long Description

PA Colonial Large Irregular is just a larger piece variation of one of our most popular irregular walkway and patio stone. Pieces can be large enough that it may take two people to comfortably handle. Same great colors and weathered look right off the pallet. Can not only be used as a walkway and patio stone but what we call a garden path that twists through a garden, perhaps only one stone wide and many stones long. Or garden paths can be wider, but they have a common thread in that either grass, moss, ground covers, mulch or stone dust fills the joints between two irregular pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

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