Rainbow Irregular Walkway & Patio Stone

Rainbow walkway and patio stone sample pallet

Full Stone Name

Rainbow Irregular Walkway & Patio Stone

Short Description

Strikingly colorful stone with surface colors that range from red to black and colors in between. Part of a huge family of stone at Wicki Stone that includes steps, wall stone and more.

Stone Color

The most consistent surface colors are tan to browns, but individual pieces can be red, black or other unique colors.

Stone Finish

This is natural stone that is not processed in any way. The surface can range from smooth to rough.

Stone Coverage

Pieces are typically 2-3" thick, and average coverage of a pallet of this thickness is roughly 60 square feet.

How It's Sold

By the pallet.

Long Description

Rainbow irregular is a strikingly colorful walkway and patio stone. The stone is frequently purchased for the beautiful interior colors that present themselves on the exposed edges of wall stone. But, Rainbow also has beautiful natural surface colors that present themselves on this irregular walkway and patio stone. The base color is a light tan or brown but accent colors are widespread throughout the stone and some pieces can be rust, black, or brown. The smaller pieces of this horizontal pallet are easy to work with and fit together. Rainbow is a large family of stone at Wicki Stone and includes beautiful natural steps, and numerous wall stone variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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