What Is Landscape Stone?

Wicki Stone, like may stone suppliers, breaks it’s products down into landscape stone and building stone. But what exactly do we mean by landscape stone? In truth it’s a broad category but in general to us it means any stone that goes outside, and is not part of a structure. If it goes inside or is part of an outdoor structure – like the side of a house, an outdoor kitchen, etc., we call it building stone.

Landscapes Stone at Wicki Stone is broken down into 10 product types

  1. Walkway and Patio Stone
  2. Wall Stone
  3. Natural Stone Steps
  4. Stone Stair Treads
  5. Boulders
  6. Placement Rocks (Sculptural Rocks)
  7. Water Garden Stone
  8. Decorative Gravels
  9. Bench Rocks (Seating)
  10. Specialty Stone (Moss Rock, Bird Baths, etc.)

Each product type has multiple choices available. For instance we sell over 30 different types of Walkway and Patio Stone, over 20 types of Natural Stone Steps, 7 different stair tread choices, etc.. In addition, we carry a deep inventory – on-site – of most of our stone. We can typically fill almost any order with on site inventory.

Customers use of landscape stone in countless ways. The front and back walkways, patios, pool and porch deck stone that our customers build are extraordinary. Even more so is the stone walls and stone steps they build. We’ve seen amazing boulder work, beautiful rock garden and water garden projects, and our placement, spill, bridge and dive rocks help create truly memorable landscapes.

If you are looking to add stone to the outside of your home, in your landscape, driveway, pool or around the house – we call that landscape stone and Wicki Stone has one of the best selections of landscape stone that you’ll find anywhere.