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Waterfall Spill Rocks are the rocks that water cascades off of in a waterfall or water garden. You can use one spill rock or a cascade of spill rocks to direct water down and into the pond. Spill rocks can also be used as fake waterfall tiers in a dry stream bed landscape. Spill rocks are sometimes flat and sometimes very mounded, but all are chosen at Wicki Stone for their potential to allow water to run off their surfaces. We carry an extensive selection of spill rocks at Wicki Stone.


Spill Rock Definition, Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Spill Rocks. We carry Spill rocks in many different types of stone including Bluestone, Karney®, Rainbow, PA Colonial, and more so you can specify Karney Spill Rocks, etc..

Stone Description

Stone picked for its ability to move water down a waterfall or imply that in a dry stream bed. Spill rocks can be flat, mounded or angular - all they have to do is allow water to move over and down them.

Stone Color

Depends on the stone but most Spill rocks are either some variation of gray our brown with the exception of Rainbow which has southwestern colors.

Stone Finish

Spill rocks are most often completely natural stone found in fields or quarries and are not processed in any way. They can be smooth or wildly contorted with nooks and crannies.

Stone Coverage

Depends on the piece. Spill rocks can be very small and easily moved by one person, or large, sometimes very large and must be moved by a machine. So coverage depends on the piece. In addition, you may need several spill rocks in a project if you want a multi-level cascading effect.

How It Is Sold

Either by the individual piece (most often pieces on pallets) or by weight if you choose spill rocks from our boulder piles. In addition, stone steps that are sold by both weight and square footage can serve as spill rocks, as can numerous types of irregular stone pallets.

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