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Building Stone

Wicki Stone in Great Meadows New Jersey is a premier supplier of building stone for masons, contractors and homeowners. We carry over 40 types of thin veneer stone (less than 2" thick) and 8 different full size veneer stone (3" thick or larger). Our building stone products are clearly displayed in our yard allowing you to see exactly what you will get. Many types of our building stone are well stocked on site so you can take them with you when you leave. If you are looking for stone that goes on the interior or exterior of buildings Wicki Stone can provide a unique selection of the finest stone available, as well as value priced lines that strike a balance between high quality and price. Please call or stop by to learn more about building stone at NJ's most unique stone yard.

Building Stone Choices At Wicki Stone

We Sell Two Types Of Building Stone - Thin Veneer & Full Size Veneer

Thin Veneer Building Stone Example
Full size veneer building sample

Thin Veneer Domestic Stone Lines (we carry 2 lines)

1) Real Stone - Domestic Natural Thin Veneer Building Stone

Real Stone Natural Thin Veneer Building Stone is a beautiful line of thin stone veneer products brought to us from one of Pennsylvania's most respected quarriers. We have brought together the 5 most popular products in the Real Stone Platinum Series and the stone is on full display at our New Jersey building stone supply yard. (click on any picture to learn more).

Pine Forge Domestic Thin Veneer
Huntington Gray Domestic Thin Veneer
Chesterbrook Domestic Thin Veneer
Arcadian Ashlar Domestic Thin Veneer
Seneca Ashlar Domestic Thin Veneer

2) Wicki Domestic Natural Thin Veneer Building Stone

This is stone we process in-house or source from our own local quarriers. It is domestic, natural, thin veneer stone quarried from different sources and spans a range of unique product types. From irregular thin veneers to strip veneers in both bluestone and Karney@ stone we have products that are not easily found elsewhere.

PA Colonial Thin Veneer
Bluestone Thin Veneer Irregular
Karney® Thin Veneer Irregular
Karney@ Strip Thin Veneer
Bluestone Strip Thin Veneer

Thin Veneer Imported Stone Lines (we carry 2 lines)

1) OSTV Imported Natural Thin Veneer Building Stone

OSTV is a high quality imported thin veneer building stone that is value priced relative to certain other thin veneers we offer. Beautifully cut and processed, this is a high quality thin veneer stone in a range of colors. We feature 5 of the most popular OSTV products in our featured display.

Berwick Imported Thin Veneer
Andover Imported Thin Veneer
Sherwood Imported Thin Veneer Stone
Meridan Imported Thin Veneer

2) Wicki Imported Natural Thin Veneer Building Stone

We are constantly offered stone from importers and we have tested a line that we sell with confidence as the Wicki Thin Veneer Imported line. Available in both Castlestone (larger square and rectangular pieces) and Ledgestone - (shorter rectangular and square pieces) each stone has matching corners. Sold by the square foot with no minimum quantity this building stone offers a great value for a range of indoor and exterior projects..

Mountain Gray Castlestone Imported Thin Veneer
Teton Ledgestone Imported Thin Veneer
Teton Castlestone Imported Thin Veneer
Southern Ledgestone Imported Thin Veneer
Southern Castlestone Imported Thin Veneer
Canyon Ledge Ledgestone Imported Thin Veneer
Canyon Ledge Castlestone Imported Thin Veneer

Full Size Domestic Building Stone Veneer (we carry 1 line)

1) Wicki Domestic Natural Full Size Veneer Building Stone

Sourced from multiple close locations we typically shape this stone to make it easy to work with full size veneer. We take large rocks and small boulders and snap them in our on-site stone guillotine to give them straighter edges. Many pieces are snapped on multiple sides. This snapping process not only squares up the corners and edges, it reveals the beautiful inner colors of the stone. Full size building stone is most often installed by skilled masons. It is not uncommon for pieces to weigh 50 pounds of more so this is challenging stone to work with.

Indian Hill Spilitface Full Size Veneer
Brownstone Full Size Veneer
Chesterbrook Full Size Veneer
Reclaimed Granite Full Size Veneer
Split Filedstone Full Size Veneer
Iron Stone Full Size Veneer
Snapped Bluestone Full Size Veneer
Snapped Karney® Full Size Veneer