Dive Rocks NJ, PA, NY: For Swimming Pools

Dive rocks for pools

Dive rocks for swimming pools are used for diving boards or diving platforms. Wicki Stone stocks a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors in our Dive rocks. Because a dive rock should be easy to climb up on - most Dive rocks are roughly 12" tall when placed. You can get taller but there are safety concerns with falling off a rock that is too tall. If you want something taller we typically have larger specimens and you can add one of our stone steps to reach the top. Our dive rocks go on the deck at the deep end of pools. An average rock might be - 4 feet wide, 4 feet long and 12" tall, and they are placed directly on the deck. A dive rock can easily weigh 1,000 - 3,000+ pounds so they won't move. We sell stone slabs and stone bridges that can be better called Dive Platforms - they are longer than they are wide and some can be 10+ feet long - allowing multiple divings points. Wicki stone routinely stocks a range of stone that could serve as diving rocks or diving platforms.

Examples Of Dive Rocks For Swimming Pools

Diving board rock
Dive rocks can resemble the shapes of diving boards
Diving platform rocks
Diving platform rocks can run alongside the edge a pool and provide multiple diving points.