Large Stone Slabs NJ, PA, NY: From Stone Cutting Stock

Natural Stone Slabs (also known as cutting stock, or stone cutting stock)are pieces of stone that come from the quarry as raw stock that is then most often cut or shaped into finished stone products. Stone Slabs can range from modest size 3' (x) 4' and 1" thick to very large - 4.5' (x) 10 feet by 8" thick pieces of stone. The primary stone is either bluestone with a blue-silver color or Karney® stone with some browns and earth tones.

Stone Slabs can sometimes be used in unprocessed finished landscapes. We have irregular pieces that can make a great pool deck (see photo below) and are laid without cutting or shaping in our yard. Other slab products are cut and shaped in our on-site fabrication facility to produce finished products.

Examples of how stone slabs are used include walkways and patios where there is a desire for a few large pieces rather than many small pieces (see picture below). They are also used as outdoor kitchen countertops, wall caps, benches, chimney caps, and more.

If you are looking for large pieces of raw stone that you can use as is or have custom cut or shaped - Wicki Stone has one of the largest inventories of stone cutting stock in the tri-state region, serving NJ, PA, and NY. We also have a fabrication facility and experienced technicians to create finely crafted finished pieces from large pieces of stone.

2 Inch thick Large stone slabs in bluestone or Karney stone
2" Thick Bluestone slabs
4" thick bluestone slabs - large stone pieces

4" Thick Bluestone slabs

Picture of a 6" bluestone slab
These 6" Sawn Bluestone Cutting Stock Slabs can be custom cut or snapped to your specifications.
Large stone slabs used to make a pool deck
Large Bluestone slabs are used to make a pool deck.
Large stone slabs inventory at our NJ Stone Yard
We stock a large selection of stone slabs at our NJ stoneyard (this is a fraction of our inventory)
Large Stone Slab Bluestone slabs used to make a walkway
Large Bluestone Slabs are used in this walkway to avoid lots of small pieces and lots of mortar joints.
Thick stone slabs for sale
Note the thick slabs in the foreground of the picture - our slabs can be up to 8" thick
Large stone slabs used as stepsq
Large stone slabs from Wicki Stone are used extensively in this NY landscape