Reclaimed Stone NJ, NY, PA: Aged stone from demolition sites for timeless beauty

We constantly get reclaimed stone in the yard, but it varies widely and a lot of it sells quickly so it is hard to show any inventory that we constantly stock. Our reclaimed stone can either be Landscape Stone or Building Stone. Shown below are some samples of reclaimed stone currently in the yard. If you are looking for reclaimed stone please call us and ask about our current inventory. We get amazing reclaimed stone in and depending on the time you can find some real stone treasures in our yard. In addition, our reclaimed stone can help your project qualify for LEED points.

In Stock! Sawn Reclaimed Bluestone Slabs

Large bluestone reclaimed slabs
Bluestone reclaimed slabs with sawn edges - perfect for a restoration project.
A picture of reclaimed bluestone with sawn edges
This is reclaimed Bluestone sidewalk or patio slabs with sawn edges - a rare combination.

Reclaimed Stone We Have In Stock

Reclaimed Bluestone Curbing From Old Sidewalks
Our unique reclaimed bluestone curbing - used as street curbing over a century ago
Reclaimed Brownstone Slab
Reclaimed Brownstone Slab

Reclaimed Stone We Strive To Stock

Reclaimed belgian block - also known as cobblestone
We routinely stock reclaimed Belgian Block in both palleted and bulk forms
Reclaimed wall stone
Reclaimed Indian Hill Granite With Splitface Finish - Wall Stone
Bulk brownstone that has been guillotine snapped to reveal the inner colors
Reclaimed Snapped Brownstone Wall and Veneer Stone

Reclaimed Products That We May Have In Stock

(Some Can Be Hard To Get - Please Call Ahead)

Reclaimed Bluestone slabs
Reclaimed Bluestone slabs

We are constantly on the lookout for reclaimed Bluestone. Quite often reclaimed Bluestone comes in very large pieces like the ones shown in the picture above right. Large pieces are especially prized. Availability of reclaimed Bluestone is very hard to predict.


We are offered Reclaimed Brownstone in a number of different forms, including steps. We look carefully at the stone to see if it was from one of the original quarries that supplied brownstone for the famous New York City townhouses. When we feel it is - we jump on it, this is very unique, historic stone.


This is an example of reclaimed stone that we alter by guillotine snapping on-site to reveal the inner colors as well as the aged exteriors.