Stone Reference

Stone Reference is intended to explain certain stone types, finishes, facts and figures. By answering Frequently Asked Questions about stone and highlighting news products - we hope we can add to your stone knowledge. If you have any ideas for articles or features on this page please email us here. Thank You

We hope the information below will answer some of your questions, learn more about our stone, as well as stone in general.

Frequently Questions, Facts and Figures About Stone

The Four Basic Types Of Bluestone

In the northeastern United States there are basically only four types of bluestone walkway and patio stone sold - these are the four types (Link)

Bluestone Finishes

Understand the difference between natural cleft and sawn thermal finishes on bluestone (Link)

Our Bluestone Products

An overview of our Bluestone products and links to the over 2 dozen specific bluestone product pages on this site. (Link)

Our Families Of Stone

Descriptions, pictures, and links to our different families of stone (Link)

High Resolution PDF's Of Our Stone

High quality PDF's of our stone for printing and emailing (Link)

Stone Reference is a an effort to increase knowledge of stone. Stone is actually surprisingly complex, there can be many questions on the way to and through a stone project. We hope to answer some of those questions here.