What Are? - Stone Definitions

Definitions of different stone products we offer


What Are Dive Rocks?

Dive Rocks are used as diving platforms in a pool, pond or lake. They are most commonly used in built in pools where they sit on the edge of a pool and allow people to dive into the water. There are a wide variety of shapes - some resemble diving boards (long and thin). However, most tend to be roughly as wide as deep - they resemble flat top boulders. Dive rocks can vary in height from 6" to over 2 feet, the most common heights tend to be 12 to 18" tall. 


What Are Placement Rocks?

Placement Rocks are sculptural rocks placed in a landscape to add interest. Placement rocks are also called accent rocks. They can be small or large - they come in countless shapes and multiple rock types. Placement rocks can add a strong stone presence to any landscape. Are they functional? Some are - they can be used to change grades, hold back soil, etc. However, many are simply beautiful - they have no function. Placement rocks are often used in place of plants in a landscape. They fill in space between plants or are surrounded by plants, but unlike plants they require no maintenance, they don't grow too big and they will last indefinitely. If you are looking to add stone to your landscape, while adding a natural sculptural element - consider using placement rocks. Wicki Stone carries a wide selection of placement rocks.


What Are Bridge Rocks?

Bridge rocks are literally used as bridges. They most often cross over sections of a water garden or dry creek bed. They can be multiple stone types and vary widely in size. Some can be quite modest in size, others very large. We have sold bridge rocks that require a crane to lift into place, others can be carried by two or more people.


What Is Garden Path Stone?

Garden path stone is stone placed in grass, gravel, mulch, etc. to create a walkway. Garden Paths made of stone can either be functional as walkways, or just for looks. Garden Paths can be narrow or wide, long or short. The most common Garden Paths we supply at Wicki Stone use irregular shaped pieces that fit together like jigsaw puzzles and have gravel or grass in between the pieces. The pieces tend to be small to medium size. We do have oversize pieces that can be medium to large in size. We sell a wide variety of different types of stone for Garden Paths.

Picture and explanation of what garden path stone is

What Are Dry Creek Beds?

Dry Creek Beds, also called Dry Stream Beds, are landscape features that simulate a stream or creek bed by using boulders, river gravels, plants and other elements. Dry creek beds can be useful for drainage in heavier rains but they don't have to drain water - they can just be aesthetic and always stay dry. They add a unique element to any landscape and can also include things like driftwood, spill rocks, placement rocks, bridge rocks and more. Wicki stone has all the stone and driftwood elements you need to build a dry creek bed in your landscape.

Dry stream bed example