Garden Path Stone


Garden Path Stone is stone used to make a walkable path through grass, gravel, sand or mulch. It is often called stepping stones. Garden paths use stone with reasonably flat tops and bottoms that can easily lay on the ground and provide a reasonably smooth surface to walk on. Stepping stone can be pattern pieces of precisely cut stone, but more often are irregular pieces - every piece is different - that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

An important consideration with garden path landscapes is what to use in and around the stone pieces - what is the filler for the gaps between pieces. The filler can be grass, mulch, various types of stone or decorative gravel or sand, quarry dust, polymeric sand, etc.. Properly installed garden paths can support grass in between the pieces that can  be mowed (care must be taken to make sure there is mower clearance with any stone).

Garden paths add a wonderful element to any landscape and immediately convey a natural, classic look to any garden space.

garden path stepping stones with gravel in between
Garden Path stepping stones with gravel
Picture of a rustic garden path of stepping stones
Irregular stepping stone garden path example
Picture of a Pattern Stepping Stone Garden Path
Pattern Stepping Stone Garden Path example

Garden Path Stone We Sell - Smaller Pieces

Horizontal pallets of stone composed of reasonably small pieces - in most cases pieces that are no bigger than 1-2 feet wide and deep, with many pieces be smaller and some types being slightly larger. Typically 1 or 2 persons can handle the stone in a horizontal pallet of smaller pieces.

PA Colonial - Regular

PA Colonial - Large


Tennessee Crab Orchard - Gray


Bluestone Irregular

Sawn Thermal Bluestone Irregular

Tumbled Bluestone

Tumbled Rainbow

River Copers

Hand Cut Blue Ice Rounds

Hand Cut Jurassic Rounds

Garden Path Stone We Sell - Larger Pieces

Larger pieces of garden path stone are available in what we call upright pallets. These pallets of stone typically include medium to large pieces. Medium size garden path stone is roughly 2 feet by 2 with larger pieces being as big as 6+ feet tall and 3+ feet wide. This stone requires 2 or more people to handle and install.

Blue-Blue Irregular Bluestone

Full Range Color Irregular Bluestone

1.5" Thick Sawn Irregular Bluestone

Rainbow - Natural Cleft Finish

Sawn Rainbow 1.5" Thick

Karney® Irregular

Tennessee Crab Orchard Full Color

Tennessee Crab Orchard Gray Color

Oversized Horizontal Pallets - these are large pieces horizontally stacked and often quite thick (2-4")

Oversized Bluestone - Horizontal
Pallets - Very Large Pieces

Oversized Karney® - Horizontal
Pallets - Very Large Pieces

Garden Path Stone We Sell - Slabs

Large stone slab for garden paths
A picture of our bluestone and karney stone slab inventory

We sell medium to very large slabs of stone that can be used for garden paths. The pool deck to the left shows a large slab installation that we supplied. 

Examples of Stepping Stone installations

walking stone with mulch in between pieces of stone
Stepping Stones in mulch
Stepping stones with gravel in between
Decorative gravel in between stepping stones
Larger pieces of stepping stone on this garden path
This walkway has larger pieces