Find Natural Blue Stone For Patio Paving And Landscaping in New York State

Full Range Color Bluestone Patio Stone

We boast one of the largest selections of Bluestone Products in New York State and the surrounding northeastern United States. Our collection spans 11 distinct Bluestone Product Categories, each accessible through the links provided below. For detailed information, simply click on an image to navigate to the corresponding product category, and then scroll to locate the specific product page of interest. Our offerings are supported by an extensive on-site inventory of New York Bluestone Products, a material that continues to be a top choice for Landscape Stone at Wicki Stone.

Our assortment includes Bluestone paver patio and walkway stone, pool and porch deck stone, wall stone, building stone, treads, steps, bridge and dive rocks, slabs, and more. With a vast on-site inventory, we can accommodate most projects without the need for special orders. Our expansive 10-acre stone yard in northern New Jersey is well-equipped to maintain a broad and deep selection of Bluestone Products, ensuring we can meet the needs of our customers in New York State and beyond.

Our Collection

The Wicki Bluestone Collection is a group of all the bluestone products we sell, from patio stone to building stone. It shows the range of different products in 16 major product categories. For example, we sell 5 types of pattern patio stone, 4 types of steps, 2 types of building stone, and more!

Scroll through the product categories below, which are linked to product pages. We have a wide variety of products and a deep inventory. If you are looking for bluestone, you will be thrilled at the selection Wicki Wholesale Stone Inc. carries.

Note: All products are sold wholesale to contractors and retail to homeowners.

1) Patio Stone - Pattern Shapes

We have 5 basic types of pattern Bluestone walkway and patio stone to choose from. Pattern stone is the most popular patio stone we sell. It is relatively easy to work with, lasts forever, and brings an elegant, timeless look to any landscape. We have a huge on site inventory.

We stock a huge inventory of Bluestone Pattern Stone

2) Patio Stone - Irregular Shapes - Upright Pallets (larger pieces)

Irregular Bluestone Patio example

We have 3 basic types of irregular Bluestone walkway and patio stone to choose from. Irregular stone creates a unique look, a truly natural stone look and feel. We have a huge on site inventory of irregular bluestone.

Irregular Bluestone walkway stone inventory at of NJ stone yard

3) Walkway Stone - Pattern Shapes

A full color bluestone pattern walkway installation

We have 5 types of pattern Bluestone walkway stone to choose from. You also choose between Select Blue color which is all silvers and grays, and full range color which includes earth tones. As always we have a huge on site inventory of bluestone walkway stone. You can even see the color differences in the picture of our inventory. Select blue is on the left, full range color on the right.

A picture of our inventory of pattern bluestone walkway stone in both colors
This picture shows Select Blue color bluestone on the left and Full Color on the right

4) Walkway Stone - Irregular Shapes

A close-up look of full color irregular bluestone in a nj walkway

We have 3 types of Bluestone Irregular walkway stone. Irregular means totally random shapes and sizes. We have Select Blue (pure blues and grays) or Full Range Color which includes some earth tones. Irregular walkway stone is sold in upright pallets and each pallet of 1.5" thick typically covers up to 180 square feet of walkway surface. If you want a unique walkway stone - consider Bluestone Irregular.

A picture of part of our bluestone irregular walkway stone inventory
This photo shows both Blue Select Color and Full Color Bluestone Irregular

5) Walkway Stone - Irregular Shapes - Oversize Pallets

We have one type of oversized walkway and patio stone. These oversized pieces can be anywhere from medium to large. Medium-sized pieces require multiple people to move, while large pieces require machinery to move. Oversized Walkway and Patio Stones uses larger pieces to create fewer seams in a finished project. Irregular walkway stone creates natural beauty with its unpredictable sizes, shapes, and colors.

Another picture of our oversized bluestone walkway and patio stone

6) Wall Stone

We have 2 types of bluestone building stone. Both types are snapped meaning the stone is sent through a guillotine and sheared into smaller pieces. The result is slight rough edges on otherwise large rectangular or square pieces of stone. Snapped bluestone is very easy to work with relative to other stone wall options because the pieces are flat on the top and bottom - making them easy to stack. If you are looking for a unique stone wall material please come see our snapped bluestone.

7) Steps

We carry 4 types of bluestone steps. The style ranges from completely natural - also called weight steps, to precisely sawn on all 6 sides - called dimensional. The completely natural steps can range from 5 to 7" tall, the other 3 steps are 6" tall. Bluestone steps work beautifully with snapped wall stone to make a stone wall with steps rising through it. We carry a very large selection of bluestone steps.

Inventory of our natural edge bluestone steps

8) Stair Treads

We have 2 types of Bluestone treads based on different colors. Select Blue treads are blue and silver in color, Full range color includes tans, browns or other earth tones. Bluestone treads are our most popular tread and we have a huge selection on site.

9) Building Stone

We have 4 types of Bluestone building stone. It is broken down into 2 thin strip veneer building stones and 2 full size veneer building stones. Each thickness has 2 colors - Select Blue is silvers and blues where as full color is

Pallets of our Bluestone veneer building stone

10) Large Stone Slabs

We have 1 type of oversized walkway and patio stone. This oversized pieces can be anywhere from medium to large. Medium size pieces require multiple people to move, large pieces require machinery to move. Oversized Bluestone Walkway and Patio Stone uses larger pieces to create fewer seams in a finished project. Irregular walkway stone creates a natural beauty with its' unpredictable sizes, shapes and colors.

Bluestone slabs used a steps in a NY landscape
An example of 6" Bluestone slabs used as an extended series of steps

11) Reclaimed Bluestone

This reclaimed bluestone is primarily blue-silver in color but you can see full color slabs to the right
This is reclaimed Bluestone curbing - a very unique and a 100+ year old stone

We typically have reclaimed bluestone in stock. Century old walkway stone is the product we most frequently have in stock, but on any given day we could have a range of other products available. Reclaimed curbing is one of the unique products we have in stock. If you are looking for reclaimed bluestone please call us or stop by.

A picture of full color reclaimed bluestone
This bluestone is full color and includes tans and browns

12) Post Or Pier Caps

A bluestone pier or post cap for the top of a masonry column

We carry Bluestone pier and post caps in multiple sizes. These typically square pieces of Bluestone sit on top of a column of brick or stone and quite frequently there is a light on top. We sell pier and post caps in a range of sizes and thicknesses.


13) Sills

Bluestone sill for water drainage

We stock bluestone sills in 3 sizes - 6”, 8” & 10”. Bluestone sills are used to shed water away from a home and typically cap off stone veneer siding.


14) Placement Rocks

Placement rocks are sculptural rocks that are exceptionally beautiful and unique. The are used alone of in small groups - they are as much art as they are stone. We have a wide selection of placement rocks at our NJ stone yard and there bluestone pieces. If you have never seen our placement rock collection you should stop by - these are really cool stones.

15) Bench Rocks

Bench rocks are also called seat rocks - they are made for sitting. We carry bluestone bench rocks. These rocks typically have a smooth, sawn top and natural sides. They are functional - they make great seats in a landscape and they are aesthetic - they look like sculpture. Children love them, adults appreciate and any garden is enhanced by them. Bluestone bench rocks from Wicki Wholesale Stone Inc.

16) Waterfall Spill Rocks

This waterfall spill rock from the spa to the main pool is bluestone and we cut it to this custom irregular shape in our fabrication facility

Water Fall, Water Garden and Dry Stream Bed Spill Rocks are rocks that water spills over on its way down the stream, pond or grade in a dry stream bed. Bluestone makes a great spill rock stone and at Wicki Wholesale Stone we have fabricated spill rocks for pools and spas. If you want water to spill over a rock on it's way down - consider Bluestone - it makes a great and customizable spill rock stone.

Examples Of Our Huge Bluestone Product Inventory

Part of our Bluestone Inventory at Wicki Stone
We carry a huge selection of bluestone and there is more stone in this picture than is immediately obvious. This is one of our largest bluestone inventory areas.
Sawn Thermal Bluestone inventory photo
We carry both full range color (sometimes called off color) and blue-blue sawn thermal bluestone walkway and patio stone.