Veneer Building Stone Terms and Definitions

Thin Veneer Building Stone - we define thin veneer as stone .75 to 1.5” thick (front to back). The opposite is thick veneer which we define as 3” thick or deeper. 

Full Size Veneer Building Stone - we define as 3” deep (front to back) or thicker - most often 3 to 6" thick. Compares to thin veneer which is .75 to 1.5" thick or less. Also called Full Bed Stone.


Ashlar - A shape/cut of veneer stone composed or squares and rectangles. May also be called Squares and Recs or Castlestone.

ATSM specifications - ASTM International, formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials, is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services, including stone veneer. This link explains the ASTM standards

Castlestone - a shape/cut of veneer stone composed of squares and rectangles. May also be called Ashlar or Squares and Recs.

Corner Pieces - Veneer stone cut with 90 degree angles in the back to wrap around the front and side of a corner (as opposed to flat pieces that go along flat walls).

Cultured Stone - man made stone, Wicki Stone does not carry any cultured, faux or fake stone.

Fieldstone - Stone that occurs naturally in fields and is used as veneer stone material. Whether it is thin veneer or full size veneer due to the rounded nature of the stone - the stone is typically cut to provide one flat surface for installation.

Flats - One of the the two basic types of veneer stone pieces - flats and corners - these are the flat backed pieces of veneer stone - as opposed to corner pieces. Made to go along flat surfaces such as walls.

Foundation Shelf - a part of the concrete foundation specifically designed to hold and bear the weight of veneer stone, particularly full size or full bed veneer.

Full Bed Veneer - same thing as full size veneer - we define it as 3” or thicker, most often 3-6" thick. Bed refers to the foundation shelf that is used to carry the load of full bed stone. Full bed veneer requires a foundation shelf.

Lbs per square foot - a measure of how much veneer stone weighs. Thin veneer stone is 15 lbs per square foot or less, whereas full size veneer stone is modestly to substantially heavier.

Ledgestone - a shape/cut of veneer stone composed of rectangular stone that is typically longer than it is tall.

Mosiac - a shape/cut of veneer stone composed of completely random size and shape pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Strips - rectangular stone that is that has taller pieces than Ledgestone but the pieces are not as long.

Squares and Recs - stands for squares and rectangles shaped veneer stone. May also be called Ashlar or Castlestone.