The Wicki Thin Veneer Line is our own line of thin veneer building stone. As one of the largest natural stone yards in the region, we constantly come across thin veneer stone products. Our line features our favorite thin veneer stone. We stock 3 types in our yard and can quickly access orders of the other 5 products. Stop in to see this unique collection of natural thin veneer building stone.

Wicki Thin Veneer Stone Line That We Strive To Have In Stock


Bluestone Mosaic Cut

Bluestone Strip veneer example

Bluestone Ledgestone Cut


Bluestone Squares and Recs Cut

colorful canyon ledge stone thin veneer stone at Wicki Stone

Canyon Ledgestone Cut

Canyon colorful castle stone

Canyon Squares and Recs Cut

Karney® strip veneer thin building stone

Karney Strip Cut

Lunimaris veneer stone - a light gray colored thin veneer building stone

Luminaris Strip Cut

Luminaris - a light grey thin veneer stone in a ledge stone cut

Luminaris Castlestone Cut

A picture of mountain gray ledge stone thin veneer stone we stock in nj

Mountain Gray Ledgestone Cut

Mountain grey castle stone picture

Mountain Gray Castlestone Cut

Sierra Ridge is a mix of darker and lighter colored thin veneer stone for fireplaces, kitchens and more

Sierra Ridge Castlestone Cut

Southern Ledgestone veneer stone - subtle colors make this a unique stone

Southern Ledgestone Cut


Southern Castlestone Cut

a picture of out Teton ledge stone veneer stone in shades of gray - including dark gray

Teton Ledgestone Cut

Castlestone - squares and rectangular pieces are shown in this Teton veneers tone picture

Teton Castlestone Cut

Learn More about Which R Stone products we regularly keep in stock - along with additional options from other quarriers.