Bluestone Sawn Irregular Walkway, Patio and Garden Path Stone

Bluestone Sawn Irregular Walkway, Patio and Garden Path Stone is sawn top and bottom at precise thicknesses (1.5"), but has completely irregular edges. Ideal for patios with a concrete foundation. Uniform rise makes the stone easier to work with. Striking color and gradients often with earth tones. A beautiful stone.


Full Stone Name

Bluestone Sawn Thermal Irregular Walkway and Patio Stone - Horizontal Pallet. Also called Bluestone Sawn Thermal Garden Path Stone.

Short Description

Irregular Bluestone sawn top and bottom and then heat treated to add a slight texture. Overall very smooth, which some people prefer to the rougher service of most of our garden path stone.

Stone Color

Primarily silvery blue but accent colors ranging from brown to green or rust are possible on any piece.

Stone Finish

Smooth finish

Stone Coverage

Pieces are typically 1.5" thick, and average coverage of a pallet of this thickness is roughly 100 - 150 square feet.

How It's Sold

By the pallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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