Sawn 1.5" Blue-Blue Bluestone Irregular Walkway/Patio/Garden Path Stone

Sawn Blue-Blue-Bluestone Irregular Walkway and Patio Stone is similar to our other Bluestone Irregular but this product is precisely cut into 1.5" thick pieces. A thermal finish is added to give the stone a slight texture. This is ideal for a precise wet-laid walkway or patio - there are no significant variations in height - like you would get with a natural cleft finish. A stunningly beautiful stone when seen up close.


Full Stone Name

1.5" Sawn Blue-Blue Bluestone Irregular Walkway & Patio Stone - Vertical Pallet.

Short Description

Classic Bluestone sawn into 1.5" thick slabs and then thermal treated to add a slight texture.

Stone Color

Blue Gray to Silver

Stone Finish

Sawn Thermal Finish - smooth but not slippery

Stone Coverage

1.5" thick - you will get roughly 75 square feet of coverage per ton of this stone. A pallet is 1.5 to 2 tons

How It's Sold

By the pallet.

Long Description

Blue-Blue is the brightest bluestone color we offer at Wicki Stone. A sawn thermal finish is the smoothest bluestone you can get without being slippery. 1.5" Sawn Blue-Blue Irregular Bluestone has both these features. The color is bright and the finish is smooth, uniform and not slippery. That makes this a great stone for patios, walkways, garden path walkways, pool decks and more. With a concrete foundation this stone is remarkably smooth and uniform in height - it's as good as pattern stone can be. Also dry lays beautifully. This is strikingly beautiful stone once you get close, the color just pops, the uniformity in height is welcome and the irregular shapes are endlessly fascinating.

Frequently Asked Questions

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