Patio Stone Designs That Are Popular in NJ: Trends by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

Patio Stone Designs That Are Popular in NJ: Trends by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

The state of New Jersey is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, and unique architectural styles. Among these, the use of natural patio stone designs is particularly prominent. The following article explores some of the popular patio stone designs in NJ, with a focus on trends offered by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

Why Choosing Natural Stone for Patio Designs?

Natural stone is a preferred choice for many homeowners and architects when it comes to patio designs. With its incredible durability, diverse textures, and timeless appeal, natural stone can transform any outdoor space into an aesthetic and welcoming place.

Blue Stone: The Classic Choice

NJ residents have a particular fondness for Blue Stone. A versatile choice, Blue Stone is popular for its durability, ease of installation, and its unique blue-gray hue that complements almost any exterior decor style.

Trends by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

Wicki Wholesale Stone Inc., a renowned supplier in NJ, offers diverse styles of natural stone that are sure to enrich your patio design. Trends offered by Wicki include:

  1. Irregular Blue Stone: Irregular shaped stones have been growing in popularity. They add an organic touch making patios look natural and dynamic.
  2. Flagstones: Wicki offers flagstones that result in a charming and rustic look for the patio, an enduring trend in NJ.
  3. Cobblestone: A rich history is carried with these stones, often used in traditional European streets. Cobblestones are an attractive option when you aim for an instantly distinguished patio look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Stone Designs

Is natural stone a good choice for patios?
Yes, natural stone is incredibly resilient, aesthetically pleasing, and highly versatile, making it a great choice for patios.

Is Blue Stone a good choice for New Jersey patios?
Yes. Blue Stone is a classic choice for NJ patios due to its unique color, attractiveness, and compatibility with the state’s climate.

What are the latest stone patio trends in NJ?
Irregular shaped stones, flagstones, and cobblestones are currently trending in NJ.


From Blue Stone to Cobblestone, selecting the right natural stone for your patio design can dramatically uplift your outdoor space. Remember, trends might come and go, but choosing a design that brings out the essence of your personal style takes precedence. Wicki Wholesale Stone Inc. with its diverse offerings can be a perfect start for your patio stone choice exploration.