Bluestone Products We Carry

We have one of the largest selections of Bluestone Products in the northeastern United States. Our 11 Bluestone Product Categories are listed below with links to each of the categories. If you want to know more click on any picture to go to that product category and then scroll to find the specific product page your are interested in. Our Bluestone Products are backed by a deep on site inventory. Bluestone remains one of the most popular Landscape Stone choices at Wicki Stone. With Bluestone walkway and patio stone, pool and porch deck stone, wall stone, building stone, treads, steps, bridge and dive rocks, slabs and more - we have a great selection of Bluestone Products for sale. In addition we have a huge on site inventory and can easily accommodate most jobs without special orders. Our 10 acre northern New Jersey stone yard allows us to stock a wide selection, and deep inventory of Bluestone Products.

Walkway & Patio Stone - Pattern Shapes

We have 5 basic types of pattern Bluestone walkway and patio stone to choose from.

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Walkway & Patio Stone-Irregular Shapes Horizontal Pallets (smaller pieces)

We have 2 types of Irregular Bluestone walkway and patio stone to choose from. These are horizontal pallets which contain smaller pieces.

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Walkway & Patio Stone-Irregular Shapes Horizontal Pallets - Oversize Pieces

We have 1 type of oversize Irregular Bluestone walkway and patio stone. This is a horizontal pallet which contain larger pieces than the horizontal pallets shown above, and thicker pieces than the vertical pallets detailed below.

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Walkway & Patio Stone-Irregular Shapes Upright Pallets (larger pieces)

We have 2 basic types of vertical pallet Irregular Bluestone walkway and patio stone to choose from. These vertical pallets contain larger pieces than the horizontal pallets detailed above, but the pieces are thinner than the oversize pallets detailed above too.

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Wall Stone

We have 2 basic types of Bluestone wall stone to choose from - snapped Bluestone and tumbled Bluestone.

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We have 6 types of Bluestone steps to choose from.

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Stair Treads

We have Bluestone stair treads with 2 finishing options and countless sizes.

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Building Stone

We carry a limited number of Bluestone building stone choices in full size veneer. Bluestone Strip Veneer (shown to the left) is an example of the type of full size veneer that we carry. However, we carry a wide range of Bluestone thin natural stone veneers and manufactured thin veneer.


Mantels, Hearths and Sills

We have Bluestone Fireplace Mantles and Hearths as well as building Sills.

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Reclaimed Bluestone

We carry Reclaimed Bluestone, although as with all our reclaimed stone we are not in control of the supply - it comes to us in fits and starts. If you are interested in reclaimed stone we strongly suggest you call us before coming to the yard.

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Bluestone Bridge & Dive Rocks

We carry Bluestone Bridge Rocks used to make bridges over water gardens or dry stream beds, or diving rocks for swimming pools or ponds.

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Examples Of Our Huge Bluestone Product Inventory

Part of our Bluestone Inventory at Wicki Stone
We carry a huge selection of bluestone and there is more stone in this picture than is immediately obvious. This is one of our largest bluestone inventory areas.
Sawn Thermal Bluestone inventory photo
We carry both full range color (sometimes called off color) and blue-blue sawn thermal bluestone walkway and patio stone.
Irregular Walkway and Pation stone - Bluestone and Karney Stone types
We carry a deep inventory of irregular walkway and patio stone in both horizontal and vertical pallets
Bluestone natural stone step - stone supplier New Jersey
The Silver Blue of Bluestone Steps pops out in this photograph of our natural stone step inventory area
Our large inventory of irregular bluestone walkway, patio and pool stone
Our Irregular Bluestone Inventory Area
Example of matched bluestone steps and wall stone
We can provide bluestone for an entire theme that can include your walkways, patios, pool decks, walls, steps, water garden stone and more