Apple Creek 1 - 4" Full Range Color Wall Stone

Picture of our Apple Creek - bluish and brown colored wall stone

Apple Creek 1-4" Full Range Color Wall Stone Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Apple Creek 1 to 4 inch Full Color Wall Stone

Stone Description

Full color Apple Creek has a lot of gray in it and then plenty of earthtone accents. This is easy stone to work with - it stacks great.

Stone Color

Primarily gray, silver or even a bit blue with brown, tan or other earthtone accent colors.

Stone Finish

Completely random and natural shapes. Apple Creek at this size is very flat top and bottom - which makes it so easy to stack. Height of individual pieces is 1 to 4" tall.

Stone Coverage

A typical pallet of wall stone covers 18 to 20 square feet per pallet of wall surface area. A pallet produces a wall 2' high and 9-10' feet long - or any combination of height / length that equals 18 to 20 square feet.

How It Is Sold

By the pallet.

Apple Creek Wall Stone Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Similar Products - What Goes With This Stone?

Apple Creek works well with Karney® Stone - especially Karney® steps. It also goes well with Bluestone - again especially steps.

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