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Bridge Rocks are used to make bridges over water ponds, water gardens and water features as well as dry stream beds. Dive rocks are used as diving boards in pools or ponds where diving is permitted. These are very significant pieces of stone - some being several feet wide and 10+ feet long. Weight can easily reach into multiple tons. We have so much unique stone in our yard that you can find smaller bridge and dive rocks - something that might be able to be handled by a group of people. But most of these rocks require machinery to move, including cranes for the largest pieces. These are extraordinary pieces of stone that can create lasting impressions in any landscape. Photo examples of how bridge rocks are used in landscapes are shown below, as are examples of bridge and dive rocks in our New Jersey stone yard.


Bridge & Dive Rock Definition, Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Bridge Rocks or Dive Rocks - Bridge Rocks make bridges, Dive Rocks make diving boards or platforms.

Stone Description

Stone used to make water garden bridges and pool or pond diving boards. Most often rectangular, Often several feet wide and 10+ feet long. We have smaller stone that could be used as a light duty bridge or rock, but we also have very large pieces that can only be moved into place by a crane.

Stone Color

The stone most often used for bridge or dive rocks is Bluestone or Karney stone. Bluestone will range from silvery blue to earth tone colors including browns and greens. Karney is most often a light to medium brown.

Stone Finish

Bridge and Dive rocks are most often completely natural stone found in fields or quarries that are not processed in any way and the surfaces may be slightly rough, although we choose stone with as smooth a surface as possible. Some bridge rocks are sawn so they have very smooth but not slippery surfaces.

Stone Coverage

Depends on the piece. Bridge rocks can range from 2 feet wide, 3 feet long, and 4" thick to 5 feet wide, 12 feet+ long and 8-10" thick. Every piece is different.

How It Is Sold

Either by weight or by the individual piece.

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