Decorative Landscape Gravel

Decorative Landscape Gravel is a Landscape Stone most often used as a replacement for organic mulch to finish off planting beds because it has several advantages. Decorative Landscape Gravel offers the distinct advantage of never decomposing so if applied properly it can last for a very long time. Stone will not effect the fertility of your soil to the same degree that decomposing mulch will. Furthermore, decorative gravels have a place in a wide range of landscape settings, they can be used as a walkway or patio stone, driveway stone, in water gardens or dry stream beds, and as a decorative topdressing in drainage areas. As a result, many people use landscape gravel in place of wood based mulches. We sell the following decorative landscape gravels, all are available for pick-up or delivery at our Great Meadows, NJ stone yard in Warren County, near Morris, Passaic and Hunterdon Counties.

Our landscape gravel choices are clearly laid out, making your comparison easy. We have over 20 products in our bulk stone bins including landscape gravels and construction bases such as stone dust, quarry process and more.

Our decorative gravel display at Wicki Stone

Decorative Landscape Gravels We Stock

Red Gravel

Decorative Red Landscape Gravel instantly creates a classic look and feel in garden beds, walkways, pathways, driveways, pool surroundings and more. We carry decorative red landscape gravel in 2 sizes - 3/8" and 3/4".


Delaware River Gravel

Delaware river gravel is a popular mulching gravel with a range of colors. The base colors are grays and silvers, but white, black and shades or red can typically be found. We sell River Gravel in three sizes: 3/8 inch, 3/4 inch and 3/4 to 3 inch.


1.5" Landscape Gravel

1.5" Landscape Gravel is an excellent gravel for mulching, for garden paths, water gardens and more. Colors are shades of gray with brown and tan accent colors. Easy to work with, won't blow away, can be walked on with shoes.

1.5" decorative landscape gravel

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles are silver gravel pebbles, gravels, and small rounded rocks that change color to nearly black when wet. They are used as an accent rock either alone, or sprinkled in amongst other gravels. They tend to catch the eye and visitors often ask what they are because they are so beautiful and unique. Wicki Stone sells Mexican Beach Pebbles in 3 sizes: 1/2-1 inch, 1-2 inch, and 2-3 inch.


Glacier River Ovals


River Ovals

Larger stone that has been shaped, rounded and smoothed by water. Available in 2 larger sizes - 3-6 inch and 7-12 inch. Great to drainage areas, water gardens, dry stream beds and more. Unique.


Hardscape Construction Bases We Stock