Karney® Irregular Oversized Walkway/Patio/Garden Path Stone

Karney® Irregular Oversized Walkway, Patio, and Garden Path Stone are larger pieces of Karney - one of our most popular stone families.  These are 2 - 3" thick pieces that are sometimes used to bear heavier loads. The color varies by the pallet but can is primarily shades of brown. This stone can also be used to make stone steps. The rise will only be 2-3", not the standard 6" of of our Natural Stone Steps, but the Bluestone Irregular Oversized Walkway and Patio Stone pieces are easier to work with than 6" steps. This is a versatile stone that can be used to make walkways, patios, garden paths, stepping stones, and steps.

a picture of our oversized Karney® garden path stone

Full Stone Name

Karney® Irregular Oversized Walkway/Patio/Garden Path Stone - Horizontal Pallet.


Karney® Stone is a registered Trademark of Wicki Stone

Short Description

Darker than Bluestone, Karney Oversized makes great walkways, patios, and garden stepping stones. These are large pieces of stone and take 2 or more people to handle.

Stone Color

Karney is primarily a shades of brown stone that includes other earth tones.

Stone Finish

This is natural stone that is not processed in any way. The surface can range from smooth to rough.

Stone Coverage

Call for details - coverage of each pallet can differ significantly.

How It's Sold

By the pallet.

Long Description

Basically mini slabs of Karney®. Not the size of our large slabs which can be 4+ feet wide and 8+ feet long, but these can still be significant pieces of stone that may require a machine to move and set. Thick enough that they could be used as stairs. Beautiful color variations and choices, If you can handle, move, and set this stone the finished product will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

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