Stone slabs are large, unprocessed slabs of stone directly from the quarry. They can either be used exactly as is, or split and cut to shape. Slabs are a unique form of Landscape Stone that have a wide of applications. We most often use them as raw stock for our stone guillotine to make much smaller wall stone. They can also be used as walkway or patio stone, and as landing pads at the base of steps. At any given time we will have a huge selection - hundreds and hundreds to choose from in a variety of thicknesses. Slabs are most often either Bluestone or Karney® stone.

Stone Slab Examples At Our New Jersey Stone Yard


This picture shows stacks of 2" stone slabs. We have seen this stone used in a number of applications including a single piece of stone as a landing pad at the base of stairs.


Most of the slabs in this stack are 4 feet wide and 8 to 10 feet long which gives you a sense of the size. They can be cut to size to meet your specific needs. Notice how our huge on-site inventory winds around the back of the picture frame.


This is 4 inch thick stock. At this size stone slabs also make great stone steps or waterfall spill rocks


This picture gives you a sense of the variety of shapes, and again these slabs can make great stone steps.