Thin Veneer Building Stone

Wicki Stone - long a leader in landscape stone is also a unique supplier of Thin Veneer Building Stone. We carry a full line of over 100 thin veneer choices, in all shapes, sizes colors and cuts. We also strive to keep a wide selection of thin veneer stone in stock for immediate pick-up.

Thin Veneer Stone - In Stock

We only sell natural thin veneer stone - not cultured or man-made stone. We have a wide selection of thin veneer and full size veneer at a number of great price points. If you are looking for a great selection of thin veneer stone please visit us.

We Carry 6 Lines Of Thin Veneer Stone

R Stone

R Stone is a great line of natural stone thin veneer. Quarried in the Connecticut region, we carry over 24 different products on site, with access to the full 72 products in the R Stone line

Exclusive Stone

Exclusive Stone is quarried in Pennsylvania by the Amish, who produce an excellent veneer stone line. We carry 8 types of stone from Exclusive and we strive to stock one or more types at all times.

Wicki Domestic Stone

A select line of stone from our favorite quarries - Wicki Domestic features Bluestone and Karney® stone in thin veneer form. Bluestone and Karney® are 2 of our most popular stones.

Wicki Imported Stone

Imported stone can be a cost effective way to purchase veneer stone for your project. We have found an excellent quarry for our imported line that combines a quality product at a great price point.

Natural Facing Stone

Natural Facing is a Maryland based quarrier that offers diverse line of high quality thin veneer building stone. The stone comes in three basic shapes/cuts - Ledgestone, Roughly Rectangular and Mosaic.

Rolling Rock Stone

Rolling Rock is a quarrier from eastern Pennsylvania that offers a range of thin veneer building stone in a great mix of colors and shapes/cuts. We offer the most popular products from this quality quarrier.

We Strive To Fully Stock Multiple Thin Veneer Products

We pride ourselves on our deep inventory of landscape stone. We are striving to have as many as 15 different thin veneer stones in stock at all times for immediate pick-up or delivery. Some veneer stone will remain special order and we have chosen quarriers who ship quickly, but we are committed to having a diverse selection of stone on hand, in quantity to immediately fill your order.

Why Buy Veneer Stone From Us?


With over 100 choices in thin veneer stone we have a stone to meet virtually any need.


Not all thin veneer is the same quality, we only carry quality natural stone products.


We're easy to buy from. You can often leave our yard with the stone you need, and special orders, if required, are typically quick.

Stone Families

Our Karney and Bluestone, as well as others, allow you to match your building stone and landscape stone.


We love to sell stone and we'll do everything we can to help you get the perfect stone for your project!

A Destination

When you visit our stone yard you will find over 1500 products on 10 acres. People consistently tell us our yard is amazing.