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We Sell Wall Stone In 4 Basic Forms


Palleted Wall Stone

Loose (Bulk) Wall Stone

Boulder Wall Stone

Large Stone Chunks

Palleted Wall Stone

We carry nearly 25 different types of palleted wall stone at our Great Meadows, NJ stone yard.

PA Colonial Thin

PA Colonial Medium

PA Colonial Large

Rainbow 1 - 4" Aged Blend

Rainbow 1 - 4"

Rainbow 4 - 6"

Snapped Rainbow

Rainbow Ashlar

Tumbled Rainbow

Karney® Thin

Karney® Medium

Karney® Heavy

Snapped Karney®

Karney® Strip Veneer


Snapped Bluestone

Tumbled Bluestone

Apple Creek Blue


Indian Hill® Splitface

Indian Hill®

Indian Hill® Thin

Bulk Wall Stone (loose wall stone sold by weight)

Snapped Karney® Bulk Wall Stone

Snapped Bluestone Bulk Wall Stone

Regular Karney® Bulk Wall Stone

Indian Hill® Bulk Wall Stone

Rainbow Bulk Wall Stone

Indian Hill® Thin Bulk Wall Stone

Boulder Wall Stone - Decorative Boulders That Make Large Rock Walls

Moss Rock Boulder Large Wall Stone

Indian Hill® Boulder Large Wall Stone

PA Colonial Boulder Large Wall Stone

Glacier Boulder Large Wall Stone

Stone "Chunks" Wall Stone - Medium to Large Stone Pieces For Rock Walls

Karney® Chunks Large Wall Stone

Rainbow Chunks Large Wall Stone