Indian Hill Sawn Natural Edge Stone Steps

Indian Hill Stone Steps are from the uniquely beautiful Indian Hill family of stone that includes wall stone, building stone, patio stone and more. Best described as light brown to tan but with extensive markings and wonderful accent colors. At Wicki Stone Indian Hill Stone Steps are typically cut from a single large boulder into 6" slices. The top and bottom of the step is sawn - the edges are completely natural. Goes great with our Indian Hill wall stone and building stone. A great landscape stone and a Wicki Stone Specialty Product.

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Sawn Indian Hill Natural Stone Steps Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Indian Hill Sawn Natural Edge Stone Steps

Formerly called Chapel Ridge Stone Steps

Stone Description

Multiple pieces are sawn from a single boulder to stunning effect. These are exceptionally beautiful and unique natural stone steps. Sawn surfaces are smooth but not slippery. This is a product exclusive to Wicki Stone.

Stone Color

Light gray and light brown are the primary base colors but a range of accent colors can mix in on any given piece.

Stone Finish

Completely natural. Edges are highly irregular, top surfaces are sawn so they are smooth but not slippery. Instantly gives a classic, aged look to any landscape.

Stone Coverage

Steps are sawn to 6" riser heights. Length and width are highly variable and depend on the set. It is not uncommon for each step in a set to be 3-4 feet wide, 2 - 3 feet deep, and 6" tall, but that can vary widely. We have some sets that are much longer, and certain sets can have significantly smaller lengths and widths.

How It Is Sold

By the total square feet of step surface area. Each step is measured at the saw house and pallets are marked with total square footage of all pieces on the pallet.

Indian Hill Natural Stone Steps Photo Gallery

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