Glacier Boulder Large Wall Stone Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Glacier Boulders Boulders

Stone Description

Glacier movement rounded or softened these boulders into a mix of flat and oval or even rounded shapes. Unique color variations.

Stone Color

A mix of light gray and deep browns, tans or even black. Highly variable and endlessly fascinating - can be very colorful stone.

Stone Finish

Completely natural although shaped by a glacier. Most pieces have rounded or softened edges.

Stone Coverage

6 face feet per ton. 1 ton gives you 6 square feet of stone facing.

How It Is Sold

By weight. You can pick up 1 piece or we can deliver 20 tons and anything in between.

Glacier Boulder Large Wall Stone Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

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We do not carry any other stone that closely matches Glacier Boulders.

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