PA Colonial Thin Wall Stone


PA Colonial Thin Wall Stone Description and Details

Full Stone Name

PA Colonial Thin - Palleted Wall Stone

Stone Description

One of three sizes we offer in palleted PA Colonial Wall Stone (thin, medium, large). Beautiful weathered gray tones, easy to work with. One of our most popular wall stones.

Stone Color

Gray with various accent colors and markings

Stone Finish

Completely natural, no man made finishing.

Stone Coverage

A typical pallet of wall stone covers 18 to 20 square feet per pallet of wall surface area. A pallet produces a wall 2' high and 9-10' feet long - or any combination of height / length that equals 18 to 20 square feet.

How It Is Sold

By the pallet.

PA Colonial Wall Stone Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Similar Products - What Goes With This Stone?

PA Colonial is a large family of stone at Wicki Stone. Not only do we carry 3 types of palleted wall stone, we carry;

  1. PA Colonial steps,
  2. PA Colonial Boulders
  3. PA Colonial Placement
  4. We also carry PA Colonial building stone.

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