Rainbow Bulk Wall Stone


Rainbow Bulk Wall Stone Description and Details

Full Stone Name

Rainbow Bulk Wall Stone

Stone Description

Beautiful stratified color bands through the inside of the stone are exposed in this wall stone form.

Stone Color

Primarily tan, brown or gray with accent colors that include white, salmon and black. Beautiful stratified color layers.

Stone Finish

Completely natural, no man made finishes.

Stone Coverage

12 to 13 square feet per ton of stone. A ton produces a wall 2' high and 6 - 6.5' feet long - or any combination of height / length that equals 12 to 13 square feet of wall surface area.

How It Is Sold

By weight. You can pick up 10 pieces or we can deliver 20 tons and anything in between. With loose wallstone you can get more precise quantities and the stone is of mixed sizes - giving it maximum flexibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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