Eco-Friendly Stone Options: Recommendations by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

Eco-Friendly Stone Options: Recommendations by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

As sustainability becomes a necessity rather than a choice, the construction and design industries are quickly adapting. Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., a pioneer in natural stone retailing, shares a commitment to this global effort with eco-friendly natural stone options that seamlessly marry beauty and sustainability. Strictly focusing on natural stones – we do not carry manufactured stones for their significant carbon footprint as well as other reasons – let’s dive into the world of sustainable natural stone varieties.

Advantages of Natural Stones

Natural stones are not only elegant and sturdy but also eco-friendly. Their extraction and processing techniques are far more harmless to our environment, unlike their manufactured counterparts.

The Best Eco-friendly Natural Stone Options

Here are some of the best eco-friendly natural stone alternatives recommended by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc, understanding the aesthetic appeal and durability alongside the environmental impact.

  1. Granite: Known for its strength and durability, granite is a natural material that requires no artificial processing apart from polishing (if desired). It is an excellent choice for patios, walkways, pool and porch decks.
  2. Limestone: A versatile natural stone option, available in a range of products including walkway and patio stone, stair treads, pier caps, sills, mantles and more!
  3. Sandstone: Sandstone is stone formed by fusing sand under immense pressure. It then rose to the surface as a variety of colorful and durable natural stone products with minimal processing.
  4. Bluestone: A type of sandstone prized for it’s durability and beautiful blue-silver colors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are natural stones suitable for all climates?

Yes, natural stones like granite, limestone and sandstones, can withstand various climatic conditions.

Do natural stones require a lot of maintenance?

Not necessarily. Every natural stone has different maintenance requirements, but most of them are relatively low. It is best to check with your suppliers for specific maintenance instructions.

Can natural stones be recycled?

Absolutely! Natural stones can be reused in new construction or recycling initiatives, contributing an added layer of sustainability.


In conclusion, while the correlation between building materials and environment is often overlooked, choosing natural stones for your constructions can be a step forward in eco-friendliness. With Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.’s eco-friendly stone options, you can use a more sustainable product without compromising on beauty and quality.