Stone Veneer Commercial Use: Insights from Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

Stone Veneer Commercial Use: Insights from Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

The commercial use of stone veneer has been on the rise, transforming many commercial buildings into architecturally pleasing structures, without compromising structural integrity. This innovative solution for exterior and interior decor offers flexibility and an array of options for commercial builders and architects. Here are insightful ideas from Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., a renowned distributor of natural stone, about using stone veneer in commercial projects.

What Makes Stone Veneer Ideal for Commercial Use?

The appeal of stone veneer, particularly natural stone veneer, for commercial use cannot be ignored. Its durability, versatility, and beauty render it an excellent choice for any commercial project, from large-scale construction projects, to intricate interior design.


One distinct advantage of natural stone veneer is its longevity. Compared to other building materials, it resists weathering and degradation, providing long-lasting appeal. Quality veneer stone can literally last centuries.


Natural stone veneer offers unmatched versatility. It can be installed over a variety of base construction materials, and can readily conform to curves – a feature that few other materials can boast of. It comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, colors and textures. There is a veneer stone to fit virtually any application.


Looking to add timeless elegance to a commercial building? Natural stone veneer is the go-to material. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, it adds an aesthetically pleasing beauty that enhances the appeal of the structure.

Applications of Stone Veneer in Commercial Buildings

Stone veneer plays a significant role in many commercial buildings. Here’s how:

  1. Exterior Cladding

    Stone veneer adds an element of timeless charm and centralized theme to the exterior facade of a commercial building, reflecting its identity.

  2. Interior Wall Detailing

    Used as an interior feature wall, stone veneer can provide an element of nature indoors, adding depth and texture to any commercial space.

  3. Landscape Features

    At the landscape level, stone veneer can be used to enhance walkways, water features, and garden walls, contributing to an inviting external environment.

FAQs about Stone Veneer

Can stone veneer be used for interior applications?

Yes, stone veneer is suitable for interior applications. It can be used to create stunning feature walls, fireplaces, and other indoor décor elements.

Is stone veneer as durable as concrete stone?

We believe that quality natural stone is superior to quality cultured stone in virtually all respects including durability. Natural stone has proven itself to last 100’s of years. Cultured stone is relatively new and has proven far more susceptible to the elements that natural stone. With a proper supplier, quality installation and maintenance, stone veneer is a superior choice over concrete stone.


In conclusion, the use of natural stone veneer fulfills aesthetic needs in commercial buildings, providing longevity, versatility, and beauty. From exterior cladding to interior detailing and landscaping, stone veneer is a formidable option for commercial builders. It continues to show a commitment to quality that no other facing material provides.