Stone Veneer vs. Natural Stone: A Comparison by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

Stone Veneer vs. Natural Stone: A Comparison by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc.

At Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., we strive to help our customers make the best choices for their unique needs, especially when it comes to choosing between stone veneer and natural stone. In this article, we’ll delve into the similarities and differences between the two, helping you to understand the attributes, pros, and cons of both materials.

What is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a manufactured product that replicates the appearance of natural stone. With its multitude of design options and flexible installation processes, stone veneer has become a favorite for homeowners and builders alike. Despite not being natural stone, it’s designed to withstand the elements similar to its natural counterpart.

What is Natural Stone?

Natural stone, on the other hand, is a gift from Mother Nature herself. It boasts unbeatable durability and a timeless aesthetic appeal, and each piece is unique, providing a distinct character to your space. Examples include granite, limestone, and slate.

Cost Comparison

Natural stone’s price can be higher due to quarrying, cutting, and transporting processes. Stone veneer is usually more affordable, though the cost can rise depending on the quality and type.

Durability and Maintenance

Natural stone is incredibly durable, resistant to weather, and requires minimal maintenance. Stone veneer, while sturdy, can show signs of wear over time and may require more maintenance to retain its appearance.

Installation Process

Installation of stone veneer is typically quicker and less labor-intensive than natural stone, which can be heavy and require specialized installation techniques.

    1. Design Flexibility

Stone veneer offers more design options due to its manufacturing process. However, natural stone’s uniqueness lends itself to exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs.

    1. Eco-Friendliness

Natural stone is more eco-friendly as it requires no manufacturing process, unlike stone veneer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is stone veneer as durable as natural stone?
A: While stone veneer is designed to be durable, natural stone often outlives its manufactured counterpart due to its inherent resilience.

Q: Is natural stone more expensive?
A: Yes, natural stone can be more expensive due its extraction and preparation process. However, its longevity can offset this initial cost over time.


Both stone veneer and natural stone offer unique advantages and drawbacks. The choice between the two often depends on factors like budget, project requirements, personal taste, and sustainability concerns. At Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., we’re committed to providing the best quality and in-stock selection of Natural Stone Veneer. We do not carry manufactured concrete stone products.