We Have More Of Our Most Unique Stone

We have expanded our specialty stone inventory area to include more sculptural placement rocks, more bench seating rocks and more waterfall spill rocks. This is some of our most unique stone and we can now inventory even more. The pictures, video and text below explain how each of these unique types of stone can be used in a landscape.


The expanded area allows us to display a lot more of this unique stone

Inventory 2

We Stock More Placement Rocks

Placement Rocks are sculptural rocks used as accents in a landscape. They can take the place of plants, grass, mulch, etc. and provide a natural sculpture for any landscape.

Placement Rock Example 2B

We Stock More Bench Seating Rocks

Bench Rocks are rocks used for seating - they resemble benches in form and function - although they are substantial pieces of stone. They make a functional, unique, even whimsical element in a landscape. They will not rot, are can't be stolen (great for commercial and educational applications) and children love them!


We Stock More Bench Seating Rocks

Spill rocks are rocks used as tiers in a waterfall in a pond, or water garden. There can be one spill rock in the waterfall or many. We actually have many different types of spill rocks - from small to very large. The new display and inventory area showcases some of or most unique spill rocks.


There Is Always Something Unique At Wicki Stone