Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. Presents: New Jersey's Wall Stone: A Sustainable Choice

Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. Presents: New Jersey’s Wall Stone: A Sustainable Choice


Unearth the natural beauty of New Jersey’s wall stone with Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. This sustainable choice offers durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. From the origins of local quarry stones to the advantages they provide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about New Jersey’s wall stone.

Harnessing the Strength of Nature

Wall stone hailing from the quarries of New Jersey isn’t just about aesthetics. It is a choice combining resilience, strength, and longevity. Formed over thousands of years, these stones withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance, making them an environmentally sustainable choice.

A Versatile Solution for Every Design

Every piece of New Jersey’s wall stone has unique characteristics, making each creation one of a kind. Whether it’s for a rugged exterior wall or ornamental stonework, the versatility of these stones accommodates various design preferences.

Choices – Color, Size, Texture

At a high quality stoneyard like Wicki Stone you can have over 2 dozen different wall stone choices. There is a tremendous mix of colors, sizes, shapes and textures. Choices allow you to find the perfect NJ Wall Stone for your specific application.

Outdoor Applications

New Jersey’s wall stone effortlessly enhances any landscape design due to its natural rustic charm. It’s perfect for building stone walls, retaining walls, and garden bed borders.

Contributing to Sustainable Development

Choosing locally sourced wall stones from New Jersey not only reduces your carbon footprint but also supports local businesses, benefiting the broader community. Its longevity reduces the need for replacement stones, conserving resources for future generations.


  1. What makes New Jersey’s wall stone a sustainable choice?

    One of the main reasons is its long lifespan, meaning fewer resources are used in replacing worn-out materials. Also, these stones are locally sourced, which reduces transport emissions. Natural wall stone products will last longer than concrete wall or block products.

  2. Can A NJ Homeowner Build Their Own Stone Wall?

    Yes if the wall is less than 3 feet tall or whatever is the maximum allowable height in your specific town. Taller than 3 feet requires structural and safety issues that are beyond most homeowners, and always involve a permit. Less than 3 feet and it may be possible to build a wall without a permit – check your municipal regulations. We sell stone that is extremely easy to stack, and other types that are more challenging but still doable. Yes it is possible for a NJ Homeowner to build a stone wall with locally sourced wall stone. Landscape contractors and masons are great starting points if you are looking for a pro to build your wall.


By choosing New Jersey’s wall stone offered by Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc., you’re not only selecting a stone with rugged beauty but also making a choice that benefits the environment and supports local businesses. Whether for aesthetic appeal, longevity, or sustainability, there’s no denying that New Jersey’s wall stone is truly a timeless option for your design needs.


An example of palleted wall stone. Most wall stone comes in pallets. Wicki Stone offers over 20 different choices of palleted stone.
Inventory picture of snapped bluestone wall stone
An example of one of our loose, bulk wall stones which are bought by weight.