New Inventory Of Reclaimed Bluestone

Reclaimed Bluestone (also called aged, waethered, antiqued) is found most frequently in the NJ, PA, NY regions due to the proximity of those states to the bluestone quarries of northeastern PA and southwestern NY. Bluestone was a common sidewalk and patio stone well over 150 years ago, and its popularity has only grown since then. Wicki Stone recently brought in a series of new shipments of reclaimed bluestone and they are spectacular. Some pieces are older than 150 years, and they have aged beautifully. Learn more below and if you are looking to buy or sell reclaimed stone - we strive to stock as much as we can. Please call or stop by to see this amazing stone.

Reclaimed Bluestone inventory at Wicki Stone in New Jersey

These are roughly rectangular pieces with many measuring 3 or more feet wide and deep. Most pieces are 2.5 - 3.5" thick, with some being slightly thinner or thicker. The edges are hand chiseled the old fashioned way - these were fabricated by craftsmen over a century ago.


In addition to reclaimed Bluestone walkway and patio stone we have Bluestone curbing. These were literally used as roadside curbing, they are typically 4 to 6" thick and can be used as reclaimed curbing, or steps. Note the unique color and texture of the curbing in the left foreground - this is a look you can only get over decades or even a century and more.


The color of this reclaimed Bluestone is hard to describe - there is a wide range, including colors that are impossible to find today. This special stone has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

The new reclaimed bluestone includes larger squares that would make a great garden path stone through grass, or landscape gravel. An example is shown below - imagine how impressive it could be with the weathered look of more deeply aged bluestone.


Reclaimed stone is special. It most often has been saved from demolition. If it's Bluestone it can easily be over 150 years old  - reaching back to the time of The Civil War. Not only are you bringing a piece of history into your landscape - you are being asked to steward it for the next century. This stone was formed over 200 million years ago, brought to the surface by titanic forces and hand crafted to last centuries. It can now be part of your legacy.

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