Landscaping Stones in Pennsylvania: Enhancing Urban and Suburban Spaces

Stone as part of an urban landscape

Landscaping stones are integral to creating beautiful and sustainable environments in Pennsylvania. From the bustling streets of Philadelphia to the historic grounds of Harrisburg, these natural elements offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. This article explores the various types of landscaping stones used across the state, their practical benefits, and specific applications in prominent cities.…

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The Comprehensive Guide to Landscaping Stones Across New York’s Diverse Cities

Stone wall with bluestone cap - urban garden.

Landscaping stones are vital components in creating aesthetic, sustainable outdoor spaces. Across New York, from the bustling streets of Yonkers to the historic settings of Poughkeepsie, these materials serve not only as decorative elements but also play crucial roles in environmental management and urban planning. This guide will delve into the different types of landscaping…

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The Essential Guide to Landscaping Stone in New Jersey’s Key Cities

A beautiful example of a urban garden space

Landscaping stones are a cornerstone of garden design, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality and durability. In New Jersey, from the urban landscapes of Newark to the coastal vibes of Toms River, landscaping stones are utilized to enhance environmental sustainability and beauty. This guide will explore the types of landscaping stones available, their…

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Landscape Boulders – Loose and Palleted


We Have A Great Selection Of Boulders Palleted and Loose – Multiple Types – Deep Inventory – Ready For Pick-up We have revamped the Boulder area of our yard and now offer all our boulders either loose or on pallets. 7 different types of boulders / stone chunks In stock & ready to go Buy…

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Pattern Bluestone Patio Kits

New Pattern Kits Available for 1.5” Sawn Bluestone Blue Select In Stock For Immediate Pick-up Planning the layout of a random size patio can be difficult. Wicki Stone has put together pre-packed pattern kits to help ease this process. Available in 100 SQFT & 200 SQFT packages Good mix of sizes so one does not…

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In-Stock Veneer Building and Landscape Stone

Pallets of veneer stone ready to go

We Stock Over 40 Types Of Thin Veneer Stone Available For Immediate Pick-up We are one of the largest suppliers of in-stock thin veneer stone for indoor and outdoor masonry projects. We routinely stock over 40 types of thin veneer stone, and up to 5 types of full-size veneer stone. Stop in – choose your…

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New Supply Of Large Stone Cutting Stock

We have been working hard with new quarries to source beautiful large sheets of cutting stock. In addition to having a large, high-quality inventory; we have been able to drop the prices on several thicker sizes of Blue Select Sawn Cutting Stock significantly. These large slabs of stone can range from 2” to 10” thick and can…

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New Tread Supplier – They Are Exceptional

Picture of Wicki Stone bluestone treads - excellent quality

Improved Quality on Treads Improvements in quality control during production and access to cleaner raw materials has allowed us to stock exceptional quality treads in a number of stone types. Clean sawn edges and uniform colors are the hallmark of these treads. We stock 10 tread types, and with this new supply of treads our…

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Thin Veneer Fireplace Stone

In-Stock Veneer Fireplace Stone We have a great in-stock selection of over 40 different fireplace veneer stones. The majority of in-stock choices are thin veneer – and we have over 30 choices with dozens more available by rapid special order. We also feature full size veneer stone choices. Fireplaces – indoor or out add charm,…

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New Inventory Of Reclaimed Bluestone

Reclaimed Bluestone (also called aged, waethered, antiqued) is found most frequently in the NJ, PA, NY regions due to the proximity of those states to the bluestone quarries of northeastern PA and southwestern NY. Bluestone was a common sidewalk and patio stone well over 150 years ago, and its popularity has only grown since then.…

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