Picture of Wicki Stone bluestone treads - excellent quality

New Tread Supplier – They Are Exceptional

Improved Quality on Treads

Improvements in quality control during production and access to cleaner raw materials has allowed us to stock exceptional quality treads in a number of stone types. Clean sawn edges and uniform colors are the hallmark of these treads. We stock 10 tread types, and with this new supply of treads our quality is uniformly excellent. We can cut and shape this stone as needed in our fabrication facility.

Picture of our new bluestone treads which are excellent quality.

Our bluestone treads have clean sawn edges and uniform select blue color

Picture of Wicki Stone bluestone treads - excellent quality
Picture of 12' wide limestone stair treads at Wicki Stone

New source for Limestone treads - we have a great selection of sizes

A unique new natural stone stair tread called luminaris

Luminaris Treads - a great addition to our tread line-up (we carry 10 different types of treads). Luminaris is primarily light gray with a wonderful mix of dark and light accents. These are schist stone treads and come in 1.5’ thicknesses because of their inherent hardness and strength. A great new tread and we have plenty.

In Conclusion


Stone treads are fragile, most have precisely sawn edges that can easily chip. In addition, consistent color from one group of treads to another can be challenging to find. With our new tread suppliers we have found the highest quality treads that are consistently excellent.