New Supply Of Large Stone Cutting Stock

We have been working hard with new quarries to source beautiful large sheets of cutting stock. In addition to having a large, high-quality inventory; we have been able to drop the prices on several thicker sizes of Blue Select Sawn Cutting Stock significantly. These large slabs of stone can range from 2” to 10” thick and can be as large as 5 foot by 10 foot. Cutting stock slabs are typically fabricated into a variety of products but can also be used raw in a number of applications. We have fabricated:

  • Radius Cut Seating - with a full range of diameters possible
  • Radius Cut Stairs
  • Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
  • Wall Caps
  • Fireplace caps and hearths
  • Pier caps
  • Waterfall spill rocks
  • Walkways
  • Patios
These are 2” slabs and they can be up to 5’ wide by 10’ long.

These are 2” slabs and they can be up to 5’ wide by 10’ long.


This is 3” Bluestone Cutting Stock and the bottom slabs are 4’ wide by 8’ long


This is a mix of 4 to 6” sawn thermal and natural cleft Bluestone and Karney® stone slabs. We have dozens and dozens in stock.

Cutting Stock Slabs In The Field


These radius cut treads show how tight the circle can be when you work with slabs. The bottom pieces are cut from stock at least 4’ wide,


This Bluestone kitchen countertop is one slab and allows a cutout for the grill. This is 3” thick stock.


Radius cut - 6” thick bluestone stairs