Thin Veneer Fireplace Stone

PA Colonial Fireplace

In-Stock Veneer Fireplace Stone

We have a great in-stock selection of over 40 different fireplace veneer stones. The majority of in-stock choices are thin veneer - and we have over 30 choices with dozens more available by rapid special order. We also feature full size veneer stone choices. Fireplaces - indoor or out add charm, functionality and value to any home or landscape. You won’t find a better selection of in-stock veneer stone in the region. Call us at 908-637-6004 to learn more.


Picture of part of our in-stock thin veneer fireplace stone.

In STock- Thin Veneer
In STock- Thin Veneer 2

The vast majority of indoor and outdoor fireplaces are finished with thin veneer building stone. Wicki Wholesale Stone Inc. is a leader in thin veneer stone choices - especially in-stock choices. We inventory a vast array of fireplace stone with a full selection of cuts, colors and styles.

Thin veneer is preferable for finishing fireplaces for several reasons:

  1. It is easier to work with.
  2. It weighs less
  3. It's generally costs less than full size fireplace veneer stone.
  4. It comes in an wider range of colors and cuts

Thin veneer stone at Wicki Wholesale Stone is natural stone - it is not a concrete product like cultured stone. The durability of natural stone is superior to concrete veneer products and the colors are more durable.

In Conclusion

Thin veneer stone is the primary way to finish a today's indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Wicki Wholesale Stone has one of the largest selections of in-stock veneer stone in the region. Bring in your measurements and you can typically leave with your stone. One trip, great selection, competitive prices - the Wicki Stone Advantage.