Pallets of veneer stone ready to go

In-Stock Veneer Building and Landscape Stone

We Stock Over 40 Types Of Thin Veneer Stone

Available For Immediate Pick-up

We are one of the largest suppliers of in-stock thin veneer stone for indoor and outdoor masonry projects. We routinely stock over 40 types of thin veneer stone, and up to 5 types of full-size veneer stone. Stop in - choose your stone - and take it with you that day.

Photo of part of our in-stock veneer stone
Pallets of in stock thin veneer building and landscape stone

In stock veneer stone can be hard to find

Veneer stone is often not in stock at stone yards and even the large chain stores. Ordering can take weeks for a delivery. At Wicki Stone we have over 40 types of in-stock veneer stone available for immediate pick-up. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures and take the stone home with you that day. Even special orders of veneer stone a Wicki Stone are typically speedy - we reorder frequently because of the volume we sell. There is nothing like seeing the actual stone you might buy - before you purchase it. Although we have great veneer stone displays that show you stone in real world applications, we are typically able to show you the actual stone you'll take to the job site.

Pallets of veneer stone ready to go

The Wicki Wholesale Stone Inc Veneer Stone Advantage

If you are looking for veneer stone we urge you to visit us - it is worth the drive. We are committed to having a diverse line of in stock thin and full size veneer stone for immediate pick-up. We offer a full range of colors, textures and price points.

In conclusion, a full range of choices of thin veneer and full size veneer awaits you at our Nj stone yard, and you can typically take the stone home or to the job site the same day.